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PRI ISDN Recording - -
Maximum Channel Capacity 30 VoIP/RTP + 24 Analogue 30 VoIP/RTP + 72 Analogue 60 ISDN/VoIP/RTP + 60 Analogue
Standard On-board Storage 600,000 Hours 600,000 Hours 700,000 Hours
Processor Type (all 64 Bit) Intel Atom 1.8 GHz Intel Atom 1.8 GHz Intel i5 2.93 GHz
Dual Hot Swap Power Supplies - Optional
RAID-1 Dual Mirrored Hard Drives - Optional
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Executive Communication Systems has carefully cultivated a seasoned sales, service and support team of factory trained, knowledgeable, courteous and considerate individuals, proud of the roles they play here at ECS servicing over 40,000 customers worldwide. ECS can meet your telephone call logging recorder needs from a single 4 channel analog recorder to multiple systems recording VoIP, analog and/or ISDN. See more...

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