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Total Recall VR Supervisor Client
Total Recall VR Supervisor Client

Product Code: TRVR-SUPC
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Supervisor Client is a powerful Java based PC software application, included with unlimited licenses as part of your Total Recall VR system.

Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Supervisor Client allows you to manually control (start and stop) recording from analogue audio sources (such as microphones) and calls on analogue telephone lines.

Supervisor Client can connect to a single, or to a pair of, Total Recall VR systems. In the pair scenario, Supervisor Client controls the same channels of both systems at the same time (redundant pair operation).

Total Recall VR Supervisor Client

Supervisor Client offers:

  • Single click recording control (start and stop) for multiple analogue recording channels on one, or a pair of, Total Recall VR systems.
  • Single click live (real-time) monitoring of audio being recorded on any of the channels under its control. Audio will be streamed in real time from the Total Recall VR system to the PC running Supervisor Client as it is being recorded.
  • Interface for adding notes to recordings in progress. Notes are stored in the metadata associated with recordings. As a result, users can use key-words that appear in the notes to locate recordings when using Remote Manager.